Unnatural Causes Of Death

“The postmortem report will confirm the cause of death and whether it was … Women leaders and rights activists believe that …

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However, the issue gets all the more complicated if the death is due to unnatural causes. “If the death was due to unnatural …

I have taken the view that I have reasonable cause to suspect his death may be unnatural.” Statements have been requested …

Death can occur naturally, unnaturally or as the result of a combination of causes originating from oneself or another. While some cases consist of overt evidence that the death occurred naturally, others require an expert to determine the precise cause of death or combination of causes.

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A death caused by external causes—e.g., injury or poisoning—which includes death due to intentional injury, such as homicide or suicide, and death caused by unintentional injury in an accidental manner

An unnatural death results from an external cause, typically including homicides, suicides, accidents, medical errors, drug overdoses. [2] [3] Jurisdictions differ in how they categorize and report unnatural deaths, including level of detail and whether they are considered a single category with subcategories, or separate top-level categories.

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