Senior Citizen Legal Services

Lawyers For The Elderly The body of law known as elder law has established rules to protect the elderly. through granting power of attorney, an elderly person can give someone they trust the power to speak for them if they can no longer do so. Elder law governs how power of attorney is established and what obligations a trusted

SeniorLAW Services. SeniorLAW Center provides a wide range of services in our mission to protect the legal rights and interests of the elderly.

Senior Citizens Legal Services Senior Citizens Legal Services (SCLS) provides free legal services to elderly residents of santa cruz and san Benito Counties. The highest priority of the organization is to defend the right of the elderly to quality health care, social integration, to secure their persons and property, and to be free of discrimination on the basis of age or disability.

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Senior Citizens’ Law Office is staffed by attorneys who will provide free legal advice and representation where needed to address a legal problem.

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