Senior Citizen Day

national senior citizens day recognizes contributions senior citizens make in communities across the United States. It is annually observed on August 21.

History of senior citizen day. Let’s discuss life expectancy throughout the ages, starting in the Late Middle Ages. During this time period those who were at the top of the social strata had a life expectancy of 30 years old, 30 years!

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NATIONAL SENIOR CITIZENS DAY. Each year on August 21, there are various events and activities held across the United States in recognition of National Senior Citizens Day.

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Every day, we are busy here: one day with cultural activities … “I keep bathrooms fairly large to permit the use of a walker or an assistant to aid in use.” “Senior citizens need to be independent …

Senior citizens aged 60 and over from the island’s 12 senior centers … We named it Huegon-Manamko’ because we wanted a day …

In 1950 there were 200 million people over 60 years old – by 2000 that number had tripled to nearly 600 million and by 2025 it is estimated that there will be over 1 billion older persons.

The World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on 21 st of August every year. It was first proclaimed on 14th of December in the year 1990, by the United Nations General Assembly.

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