42 Cfr 483.10

Representative Payee Letter We will send you a letter telling you that we have decided to pay your benefits to a payee. If you don’t agree that you need a payee, or if you want a different payee, you have 60 days to appeal that decision by sending us a letter. A representative payee is a person or

(a) residents rights. The resident has a right to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with and access to persons and services inside and outside the facility, including those specified in this section.

§ 483.10 Resident rights., 42 CFR § 483.10

42 CFR Part 2: Final Rule Overview Webinar 42 cfr 483.10 for ensuring that the requirements of this section are met. If an adult individual is incapacitated at the time of admission and is unable to receive information (due to the

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(ii) Any services that would otherwise be required under § 483.24, § 483.25, or § 483.40 but are not provided due to the resident’s exercise of rights under § 483.10, including the right to refuse treatment under § 483.10(c)(6).

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